Beyond Classroom

A wide array of beyond-the-classroom activities are planned as we consider every space as a learning space and seize every opportunity to make it a meaningful learning experience for our children.


Sports and Yoga form an integral part of our curriculum for all ages. It is a medium to exercise and develop gross motor skills. Apart from health and fitness, it also fosters brain development, emotional well-being, and keeps our mind alert. In Primary School, children are introduced to a variety of different games. However, in middle school, they specialize in a couple of sports activities of their choice.

Sports curriculum also introduces children to important life skills such as team work, group dynamics, dealing with success and failure, strategizing, rapport building, sportsmanship, and other social skills. We are blessed with ample space and have certified faculty engaging our students in free play and structured activities and games like, cricket, football, athletics, swimming, skating, chess, along with native games like kho-kho and kabaddi.

Drop Everything and Read

It is our strong belief that good reading habit opens up huge possibilities for children – vocabulary, exposure, thinking skills, general knowledge, linguistic talent and many more. D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) is a program to inculcate the ‘love for reading’ and develop passionate young readers. During this time, children along with their teachers read books of their choice preselected by the teacher according to their reading levels.

Saandeepani’s Got Talent – Showcasing talent and teaching Self-Assessment

We believe that fear, competition, comparison, reward, or punishment are not the basis of any learning. We have come up with a unique solution to address this based on the “compete with yourself” principle. This intrinsically motivates each child to break barriers and participate in various activities within and out of their comfort zone.

At Saandeepani, we have talent shows in place of competitions. Assessment is through self, peer and teacher evaluation where specific areas of improvement are pointed out to help the child develop his talent further. The feedback loop continues till the child attains mastery in that area.

Community Connect

Learning the spirit of meaningful community service from an early age is critical so that it becomes an intrinsic part of the student personality as they grow up. Towards this, our students along with their teachers go on field trips where they are exposed to the dynamics of life in a community; they work alongside farmers and people from various strata of society. Cleanup drives in the locality, creating awareness about our environment, talking to people in the community about the importance of eating locally grown fruits and vegetables; connecting with the local Government schools for sharing and learning from each other are some of the community outreach programs that our children are a part of. We also observe the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ every year and donate wholeheartedly to the underprivileged and the gifted children in the community.

School elections & Student Council

Elections to the Student Council are held every year. Nominations are filed followed by a week-long campaigning and voting by all our students and staff. The democratically elected student leaders carry out their duties and responsibilities very diligently. The student body meets once a week to discuss various issues based on the agenda drawn. They brainstorm ideas and take necessary steps / decisions to resolve them in consultation with the mentor teachers. They liaise between the students and the management to ensure strict adherence to the core values of the institution and its policy guidelines.