About Saandeepani

Saandeepani Academy for Excellence is a progressive school inspired by the philosophy portrayed in the above poem by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, to create a fear free and joyful learning environment, instill a love for learning, joy in creative expression, and nurture young minds to become life-long learners. Saandeepani was founded by the Smt. Sarala Devi Kathuria Memorial Educational Trust, Bengaluru, in the year 2011.

The founder members strongly believe in creating an educational institution par excellence which allows for learning to be an enjoyable experience that is purposeful, logical and coherent.

Located on the outskirts of Bengaluru, tucked in a green serene environment, the school is a growing community of teachers, students and parents, in search of holistic education.


Our objective is to have a positive influence on society by empowering individuals to do their best and reach their highest potential.


Our mission is to empower every student to be self-confident, self-disciplined and a creative and critical thinker, to inculate a profound passion for excellence, life-long learning and responsible citizenship.

Motto - Gyanam iti Dhanam

Knowledge and wisdom is the wealth we seek so that we may "have the courage to change the things we can, the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, and wisdom to know the difference."(The Serenity Prayer, Reinhold Niebuhr)

Core Values

  • Pursuing Excellence - a zeal for continuous improvement
  • Nurturing Creative and Critical thinking – the courage to innovate and apply thought.
  • Fostering Teamwork - collaborating to achieve common goals
  • Encouraging Responsibility – taking responsibility for our actions
  • Inculcating Cultural Sensitivity and honouring diversity
  • Practicing Self Discipline - for building character
  • Developing Mindful Environmental Awareness – to encourage sustainable ethical consumption


Dr. Prarthana Gupta

Managing Trustee and HoD Science

Jayanti Roy

Principal and Hod English

Suganthi Narayan

Vice Principal

Latha M

School Coordinator

Seema Nair

Admin In-charge

Vani Sathish

Activity Coordinator

Dinesh Krishnamurthy

Infrastructure and Transport In-charge, HoD Physical Educuation

Maimoona Mehtab

Preschool Coordinator

Ritu Arora

HoD Math

Juin Bhattacharya

HoD Social Studies

Sri Karthika

Admissions officer


Shri Virendra Kathuria

Trust President

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Smt Manju Kathuria

Trust Vice President

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Dr. Prarthana Gupta

Managing Trustee

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Shri Sandeep Gupta

Trust Secretary

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Dr. Sagar Kathuria


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Dr. Madhavi Kolli


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Dr. Anil Kakodkar

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Prof Glenn Christo Kharkhongor

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Professor KN Ganeshaiah

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Dr. Chanchal Uberoi

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Dr. Balasubramanyah Gargeya

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Advisory Board

Dr. Sujatha Rao

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Mr. Hemant Sharma

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Ms. Sandhya Gatti

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Preschool faculty

Preschool faculty

Middle and High school faculty

Middle and High school faculty

Primary school faculty

Primary school faculty

School Management Committee

  • Jayanti Roy - Principal, Saandeepani Academy for Excellence
  • Juin Bhattacharya – PGT, Saandeepani Academy for Excellence
  • Ritu Arora – PGT, Saandeepani Academy for Excellence
  • Pramod V Babberjung – Parent, Saandeepani Academy for Excellence
  • KS Pradeep Kumar – Parent, Saandeepani Academy for Excellence
  • Nima Daisy – High School Coordinator, SSRVM
  • Maimoona Mehtab – Coordinator, Saandeepani Academy for Excellence
  • Lathika P – Former Principal, BRS Global School and Saandeepani Academy for Excellence
  • Manjul Mathur – Teacher, Baldwin Girls’ High School
  • Susmita Shroff – Head, Teacher Ink
  • M. Narayanan – Former Operations Head, Wipro
  • Sandra Albert – Director, Indian Institute of Public Health, Shillong